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  Industrial Filter Supplies, Inc. Product Information

Filter Bags, Cartridges, Pleated Bags, Envelopes - Polyester, Polypropylene, Nomex, Epitropic, Sateen, P84, Other Special Media Available. Standard and special sizes designed to fit OEM units. Filter Bags-Styles and Configurations

Liquid Filter Bags designed to fit the following: American Felt, Ametek, Commercial, Cuno, Filterite, FSI, Hayward, Okuma, Pall, Parker, Purolator, Vorti-Siv, Russell Finex, Royce and Heilderburg.

Liquid Bags:
Felt and mesh media, polyester, viscose rayon, polypropylene, nylon, teflon, saran, standard and custom sizes and designs, plate & frame media, roll media, vorti-siv and finex screens.

Liquid Filter Bags designed to fit the following: American Felt, Ametek, Commercial, Cuno, Filterite, FSI, Hayward, Okuma, Pall, Parker, Purolator, Vorti-Siv, Russell Finex, Royce and Heilderburg.


Resin Bonded - Phenolic impregnated Rayon Viscose; micron ratings from 1-150; 3 to 40 in length.
Yarn Wound 13 different medias; 6 core materials, core covers, extended cores; .5 to 300 microns; 3 to 40 in length.
Pleated-Media polypropylene, cellulose, micro-glass, steel, stainless steel, available micron ratings from .2 to 1000. End cap styles including, spin-on, DOE, SOE double O ring and others. The end cap material and cores are compatible with the filter media.
Spun polypropylene media; Micron Ratings from 1 to 100, 3 to 50 in length.

Dust Cartridges and Pleated bags.

Steel, stainless steel, plastic and lined; ASME code and non code; High pressure and custom designs available.

Compressor & Compressed Air and Gas Filters:

Intake, Inline Pressure, Vacuum: Housing materials; steel and stainless steel, exotic metals available, connection sizes from 1/2 - up, high pressure and custom designs. Replacement elements; 13 different medias, .3 to 700 micron, temperatures to 1000 F, steel, stainless steel and lined cores.
Air/Oil seperators, coalescers and air exhaust Steel, stainless steel and epoxy coated aluminum core materials, end caps also available in PVC and epoxy, borosilicate glass media from 99.999% D.O.P., standard and pleated designs.
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) Throw away, pleats. bags, box, rigid, synthetic rolls, HEPA.

HVAC filters.

Along with our original equipment, we can also supply product equivalents to the following:

Air Filters, Dust Collector and HVAC:
Aeropulse, Aget, Airguard, American Air (AFF), Cambridge, Carter-Day, Continental, C & W, DCE-Volks, Dixie Air, Dusty Dustless, Dustex, Facet, Farr, Flanders, Flex-Kleen, Fuller, Gala, Glasfloss, Griffin, Hoffman, Mac, Mikropul, Nordson, Norblo, Pangborn, Pneumafil, Ross, Servodyne, Stay Kleen, Stephens, Torit, UAS, Western Precipitation, Wheelabrator, W.W. Sly

Liquid Filters:
American Felt, Ametek, Arburg, Argo, Commercial, Cuno, Donaldson, Facet, Fairy Arion, Filterite, FSI, G.E., Gelman, Hayward, Hilco, Hycon, Keene (Kaydon), Mahle, Manville, Marvel, Millipore, MP Filtri, Nuclepore, Okuma, Pall, Parker, Purolator, Refilco, Sartorius, Serfilco, Sethco, Schroeder, Taisei Kogyo, Velcon, Vickers, Vorti-Siv

Compressor & Compressed Air:
Air Maze, Anderson, Arrow, Atlas Copco, Balston, Bauer, Becker, Busch, Champion, Chicagon Pneumatic, Compair, Conair, Consler, Curtis, Davey, Deltech, Dollinger, EMI, Gardner Denver, Grimmer Schmidt, Hankison, Henderson, IFM, Ingersoll Rand, Jeager, Joy, Kaeser, Kellogg, Kinney, Leroi, Mann, Norgren, Pall, Pioneer, Pure Aire, Quincy, Rietschle, Schramm, Stoddard, Sullair, Sullivan/Palatek, Ultrafilter/Comp Air, Universal, Webster, Wilkerson, Worthington, Zander, Zeks

We are located in Philadelphia, PA. Our Hours of Operation are Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. Contact us by phone: 610-664-5790 by fax: 610-664-2949 or by Email: sales@industrialfiltersuppliesinc.com. Company Representatives are available for technical assistance. Please call for information on our change out capabilities.